Best affordable sunglasses and where to buy them – Primark & Forever 21

Hello everyone,

With summer coming and so many different styles of sunglasses on the market, it is hard to choose. If you are not quite ready to splash the cash on sunglasses which can range from £100- £500 from different brands, I like the motto try before you buy with a cheaper alternative.

All of the sunglasses i bought were from Primark & Forever 21, they have a great range of affordable sunglasses, meaning I can wear a different pair on nearly ever day of the week… goals lol.

Pair one & Two (from top) Primark £4.00; The classic aviator look, but with a blue and pink tint. Aviators suit most face shapes, I really liked the fun colours on these and they would be great to match with different outfits when it gets warmer. They feel a bit flimsy and the quality is just OK. Fine to be worn a few times but that’s it. Good for the price.

Pair three (Middle) Forever 21 £4.50; These look and feel like the popular Ray-Ban round sunglasses. Much more sturdy than the Primark ones. Well made and the lens is very dark. You can people watch without anyone knowing. They are slightly bigger than the actual Ray-Ban sunglasses and don’t wrap around the face, sitting very flat. However these are a good affordable option and look great on.

Pair Four (Fourth) Forever 21 £6.00; Big, round, statement sunglasses. They have a purple tint to the lens and this looks pretty cool when on. However they make the world purple. The real life version of rose tinted glasses. Well made and comfortable on the face.

Pair Five (Bottom) Forever 21 £6.00; These are my favorite, the angular shape, the tint and finish are just perfect. They make a statement but still look classy. I love the metal detail around the top and are perfect for that street style look. These feel sturdy and will be a permanent part of my look all summer.

Which pair is your favorite? I hope you enjoyed my little round up. Please comment if you did.

Charlotte xx


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